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Rob Schramm, Owner/Mirror Designer

Timeless Reflection, "aka" - Antique Mirror Glass Company is a family ran business located in Princeton Illinois.  When you do business with Timeless Reflections you are dealing with a small business that cares.  Rob runs the majority of the business from design, layouts and making of the mirrors.  His wife Jo runs the behind the scene things such as getting crates and packages out and Aubrey handles the smaller packing.  We are not a large corporation where you will get lost in the mix or treated like a number as each customer is as important as the next.





Letter from the owner...

I personally want to take the time to thank each and everyone that visits our site.  Antique Mirror Glass is a large investment and we understand that.  I want to assure you that our family takes the time to make sure that each job gets to you with the care you expect.  We will make every effort to assure that your experience is a good one and that you will get what you expected at the end.  We dont have a large number of employees, when you talk to me on the phone, I am the one that will see your job through to the end.  We have 2 lines of antique mirror glass, first is our commercial line which has a higher (50 sf) requirement and those finishes are produced on a machine with our custom spray heads.  Next is our handmade finishes, these finishes are made on individual panels and cut to your size on clear glass before the finish is applied.  We strive for nothing but the finest quality of mirror and make every effort to assure that you will be happy with the end results.

Thanks again for visiting!

Rob Schramm, Owner
Timeless Reflections


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